‘The Shulgins and Their Alchemical Angels’ by Alex Grey

Alex Grey’s portrait of Ann and Sasha Shulgin was shown in public for the first time on Saturday night, April 17, 2010, at the tribute dinner to Ann and Sasha at the Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century conference in San Jose, CA. 50 limited-edition signed prints were made. Ann and Sasha and Alex signed the prints the day before the unveiling. MAPS and COSM teamed up for a similar sale of 50 signed prints of Alex’s portrait of Albert Hofmann in 2006.

From CoSM:

The painting entitled, “The Shulgins and Their Alchemical Angels” portrays Sasha holding an MDMA molecule that has a fiery warm glow and angels wings. Ann touches the molecule and gazes into the light. Around them radiate molecular symbols, Sasha’s “dirty pictures.” Above them two flaming wings with eyes, bear the words “PIHKAL” on one and “TIHKAL” on the other. An alchemical flask hovers above Sasha’s head with a symbolic “eye of the heart” angel inside the lab vessel.

Ann and Sasha will receive an honorarium for signing the prints. The remaining proceeds will be divided between the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (COSM, www.cosm.org) and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS, www.maps.org). Proceeds to CoSM will go toward building the exhibition hall to display the CoSM art collection including the portrait and relic of Dr. Albert Hofmann and the original portrait of the Shulgins. Proceeds to MAPS will go to the upcoming US MDMA/PTSD study to be conducted for veterans with PTSD, most from Iraq, Afghanistan and a few from Vietnam.

A limited number of prints are still available for sale at the MAPS webstore.

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