Contributions made to the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute support the Shulgin Legacy Project, which works to preserve and archive the work of Sasha and Ann.

Snail mail donations may be mailed to:

ASRI, c/o Transform Press
PO Box 13675
Berkeley, CA . 94712

ARSI would like to thank Erowid for all of their support throughout the years! You can now  make a tax-deductible donation directly to ASRI.

Team Shulgin sincerely appreciates your help in continuing to make the Shulgin’s work available to the world.  We especially want to thank everyone who came forward in a tremendous show of support for Sasha during his later years of financial need due to his declining health.  We couldn’t have managed without you!


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  1. I would love to be able to talk to alex about some of his inspiring work he has done on PIHKAL. please if possible have some email me at I am a huge fan of his work and am pursing a chemical engineering degree.

  2. dear dear alexander and ann, as a big fan, and very intrested follower of your work, i was very sorry to hear about the alexander’s health. since currnetly i have no money to donate, but on the other hand got plantey of time, i was thinking if there any possible way that this time can be of any help to you. what i came up with was to translate both phikal and thikal to my mother language (hebrew) and if and when something will come from this – bless.. wanted to have your premission (or any other feedback) to do so before i begin.. lots of love your way

  3. When we first heard about your tragedy we donated last money as we admire you. Please get well.
    My husband is chemist, I am pharmacologist.
    Dear Sasha, I do not want to take much of your time, I have a work published and dedicated to you. Unfortunately we couldnt send it to you before as you were unwell. Please tell me if you want to read our piece of chemical art inspired by you. My husband died recently, but he always wanted you to have it, he admired you. Best Regards, please get in touch when you have a minute

  4. Hello Ann and Sasha Shulgin,
    What is the best way to get in direct contact with either you or Mr. Shulgin?
    I have some questions in regards to donations and other inquires that I would like to inquire about.

    Hope to hear back
    Thank you

  5. Alexander Shulgin is a big inspiration and his research is one of the reasons why I am majoring in Biology. I wish I could meet him in person, hope his health gets better. Wish there was a way I could meet the legend and have him autograph my books.

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