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Transform Press Launches New Website

Hello everyone –

The Alexander Shulgin Research Institute has some exciting news that we’d like to share with you. Transform Press, which was founded in 1991 by Alexander (“Sasha”) and Ann Shulgin to publish their now cult classic PiHKAL, has officially become a separate sister organization.

As part of this move, Transform Press has launched its own website. The press is a niche publishing house specializing in works on psychopharmacology, psychedelic drug research, and other material relating to psychoactive compounds, society, states of consciousness, and the individual. Its mission is to preserve and publish the Shulgin legacy of research and to inspire societal transformation by giving voice, reach, and influence to writers of high quality texts in these areas of interest. Transform Press will continue to offer Sasha and Ann’s seminal texts in both print and digital formats, including a forthcoming multivolume memorial edition of both PiHKAL and TiHKAL with new bonus content, and will expand its offerings by publishing new authors.

We encourage you to visit and explore the Transform Press website. Among other things, it includes a news post by Ann Shulgin that explains this transition in greater detail, a publications page where you can order books, a social media page where you can connect with the Press’s new Facebook and Twitter pages, and a subscribe page where you can sign up to receive updates from Transform Press about news posts and publications.

Coming Soon

Hello everyone –

There hasn’t been much happening on this web site for quite a while. But don’t judge a book by its cover!

It has taken some time since Sasha’s death to take stock of the vast amounts of material that he left behind. We have been assembling a team, and people are working on the many tasks that need to be done. Now we need to communicate more regularly about what is happening.

My own first report about my activities was published in Erowid Extracts, the spiffy print magazine that you receive if you join Erowid. But I’m not the only person working by any means.

A major revision to this web site is in the works, to more accurately reflect the work that is happening and what will be happening in the future. So stay tuned!