The Shulgin Archive

Updated 17 November, 2017 by Keeper Trout:

Despite the fact that there has been an inadequate level of support to sustain the archiving project through completion, everyone involved is committed to finishing the job as we believe it is important. So going forward, a couple of necessary changes are occurring so that we can achieve our shared goal of digitizing the work of Alexander and Ann Shulgin.

First, the Shulgin Archive is ceasing to exist as an independent organization. This applies only to the conceptual organization and does not refer to the physical Shulgin Archive that will someday house the actual artifacts after screening, cataloguing and indexing.  That might sound sad but it is necessary to enable the successful completion of digitizing the archive so it should rightly be regarded as a really positive change.

And there is an even more exciting change.

Completion of the digital version has become a project of our good friends, the Erowids. Anyone wanting to support this project is encouraged to support Erowid and say thanks to them for their interest and their help with the Shulgin Archives.

Thank You Erowid, here’s to the future!


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