Ann’s Update: 2 Feb 2011

Dear Everybody, Especially Those in China,

Again, I have a couple of good reasons for having presented you with silence for the past few days (I’ve lost track of the number), such as:

1.  Laying off one caretaker, interviewing another.  The details are a bit sad, but these things happen.

2.  Wrapping the next to last Xmas present.

3.   Making phone calls and answering phone calls and missing phone calls.

4.  Going on errands that should have taken 1/2 hour and actually took three hours.

5.  Recovering from same.

6.  Promising myself that I’d done everything I needed to do in the outside world, only to discover five errands that were urgent (the next day) and taking two to three hours to do them (how do you underline words in this program?) and two hours to recover again.

7.  1-1/2 hours spent in feeling sorry for myself, followed by 27 hours spent feeling guilty for feeling sorry for myself.

8.  The revolution in Cairo.  I have an answer for what should happen next in Egypt.  There should be a Golda Maier (Mayer? Meier?) — with an Egyptian name, of course — an educated woman, a mother and maybe grandmother, who can fearlessly offer herself as transitional communicator between the people
and the government.  She would be welcomed instantly, for reasons I will offer next time, and Egypt will step into the 21st century.

9.  I’m tired, and I’ll continue this tomorrow evening.  I will also answer those who got their panties in a bunch over my China comments (which delighted me, by the way).  During the day tomorrow, I will be Nanna, and will regain what I have left of my mental health.

10.  You are good people — at least, most of you are, at least most of the time, and I send my love to you all.
Blessings — Ann

P.S.  Sasha is doing very, very well, and has gotten back to the lab again, this time for over two hours, today.  He becomes much happier when this happens. And his chemistry memory seems to be very good indeed.  And the Shulgin Index will be available, the printers say, the first week in March!

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