Ann’s Update: 20 Jan 2011

Dearest Friends,

Sasha’s heel is improving, but he’s still lifting his heel from the ground when walking, just to insure as little pressure as possible until healing is complete.  In the evenings, he still gets the needle-pains in his left foot, and only the pain meds and a bowl of chocolate ice cream (by mouth) seem to help.

It was a beautiful day and we saw none of the reported high winds that brought trees down all over the East Bay.  It’s hard not to hope for warm weather and early spring, but common sense reminds us that more rain is needed, and more rain will come.  I just hope the weather gets a bit less bone-chillingly cold, especially at night.

Sasha’s spirits have been a bit low the past two days, although he smiles and laughs as soon as Paul Daley arrives, or Tania, or Greg, or several other familiar, loving people.  He always smiles at me, as I do at him.  Our two women caregivers are not only trained, and immensely capable, but affectionate and truly caring with Sasha.  They change what has to be changed during the night, and they always do what has to be done with amazing good humor, no matter how little sleep they might have had.  During day shifts, they engage Sasha in various ways, not letting him droop or sink into sadness (which sometimes overtakes him for a few minutes), and their good humor always brings him out of those low moments.

I’ll write more about our two women caregivers tomorrow or Saturday, but it’s too late tonight to write as much as I’d like.  I have one question on my mind:  how come people who take care of property — houses, farms, haunted mansions — are called caretakers, and people who take care of people are called caregivers?

Never mind….

Sleep well and Blessings ——Ann

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