Ann’s Update: 14 Jan 2011

Dear People,

Tonight, just a small note  — probably a mere short paragraph, because it’s been a day of almost too much activity — all of it positive and good, but tiring.  I need a long night’s sleep, then I can continue in the morning, fresh and energetic, full of creative juices.  (This, of course, is utter balderdash; in the morning, any morning, I am a monster for at least one hour after waking up, or trying to wake up, or doing my best NOT to wake up, and I don’t even remember what the word “smile” means for quite a long time, although I do my best not to scare anyone, sometimes wearing a brown paper bag over my head on my way to the bathroom, since I feel this is the least I can do to innocent friends, caregivers and other entities.)

By the way, I gave the wrong name to the wonderful cats in my daughter, Wendy’s house.  Jason, her husband, whom I adore madly, remarked that these cats were not, he believed, called American Alley Cats. and it seems he was right.  I know I saw that title in print, but they are now officially American Shorthair Cats.  Tania uses the word, “tabby,” but I think that’s unofficial too.  I think they should be called something like “Salt and Pepper Cats,” but nobody’s going to listen to me.

There’s a lot to report, but I’ve got to get some sleep first.

May all of you in the appropriate time zones have a good sleep, too.

Blessings and Good Night — Ann

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