Ann’s Update: 11 Jan 2011

Dear Everyone,

Now, this will be really short, because tomorrow is the big day, and it makes more sense to talk to you after Sasha’s foot gets examined by the two surgeons who did the skin-graft.  What we hope is that they will look at the beautiful graft and admire it (and themselves, justifiably), and declare that, instead of continuing with the effort to keep Sasha’s left foot off the floor, and without any pressure on it, the whole picture for the future will be the reverse: Keep the left foot ON the floor, begin a bit of walking, then walk more, then walk normally, then walk to the lab!!! Of course, the surgeons won’t know about the beloved lab, so they won’t say anything about it, but the rest of us know, oh yes, we do!!!!!!!!!

And all our spirits will rise, most of all Sasha’s.  Finally.  After a whole year, for Pete’s sake.

And I can stop giving him shots of heparin.  I’ve never given shots before, and my hand still shakes a tiny bit now and then, but I’m getting really good at it.  And Sasha, bless his beautiful soul, utters not a squeak when I plunge the very fine needle into his tummy area.  Now that I can do it so well, I’m ready to relinquish the privilege.  ASAP.

Talk to you tomorrow.  Wish us luck.

Love and Blessings to all of you —- Ann (& Sasha)

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